B2B Social Media Trends for 2020

There is no question that over the last 10 to 15 years the use of social media by the B2B community has increased along with the use of and familiarity with digital marketing technology, content marketing, easy-access digital advertising to name a few.

So what do the experts say about 2020 and what we can expect for B2B Social Media Marketing?

What to look for in 2020 B2B Social Media Marketing?
Niche Social Media Platforms will continue to do well.

We all know that Facebook and Instagram have been the most prevalent and popular social media platforms. However, what is definitely a trend is the increased use of s other niche platforms like LinkedIn or TikTok (for youth). For the B2B community, LinkedIn has shown itself to be the preferred platform for B2B. This is expected to continue through 2020.

Increased Popularity of Ephemeral Content

Ephemeral content is rich media, (primarily images and videos), that are only accessible for a brief period of time and used to generate an immediate response. Because people have little time to spend scrolling through anything in-depth, these formats are popular, particularly with Instagram stories. Hootsuite reports that 64% of marketers have incorporated this strategy into their plans and the trend is expected to continue.

Expansion of Social Commerce

Social commerce using things like Shoppable is becoming a mainstream retail channel, as people continue to shop online, this trend will continue more social networks introducing pro-selling features.

Video Dominates

Let’s face it, people like to watch videos and video content is one of the most engaging forms of content there is. Whether it is short-form long-form content on YouTube, videos are here to stay and an integral part of the future of social media content. According to a Cisco study, by 2022, 82% of all online content will be video content. Video should be part of your social media strategy.

Technology Adoption Will Increase

What is true is that, as people and businesses became more comfortable and adept with digital technology we went through a phase of having it or doing it just because it existed was the trend. That approach is expected to level off however the strategic use and adoption of certain technologies like augmented reality (AR) will continue so the engagement factor increases

Influencers Matter

Influencer marketing is not a new trend, with Social Media playing a vital role. Companies pay influencers exorbitant amounts of money to promote brands. We are seeing it more and more on social media. The fact is that investing in influencers can be far less expensive than running paid ad campaigns with celebrity endorsement. The bottom line is that an influencer strategy can impact a purchase decision and generate leads.

Focus on the Prospect

Again, this is not new. Focus on your target customer and speaking to them in their voice using their language simply wins the day. Brain surgery isn’t required to figure this out and we’ve been hearing it from various experts for years regardless of the medium. But still, there are those who love to talk about themselves way too much. Think of it this way; You’re at a party and get cornered by someone who is prattling on about themselves endlessly. You’re lucky if they even ask who you are. So what happens? Not only do you tune out you are looking for anything or anyone to help you break free.

The only people who really matter are the people we’re marketing to so find out what kind of people they are, what they like and give it to them. Focus on delivering an experience in a way that is about them. This is so important in social media where the interest or lack of it is immediate. Have them choose you because they feel like you understand them.

Blending Marketing and Sales

The line between marketing and sales is less and less clear. They really are joined at the hip so to speak. This is why a core B2B marketing trend for 2020 is revolving around sales enablement. So what does that mean? It means nurturing the prospect through the entire partnership right from the get-go. Often the approach has been to hand over qualified leads to sales, cross your fingers and say “go get ‘em”. That thankfully is on its way out. This means joining forces through the lead nurturing stage, targeting advertising to demos and proposals, pre- and post-purchase email cycles and more. It’s a combined effort from start to finish.

More Regulatory Control and Legal Scrutiny

Data privacy and security are two issues that have made the headlines for social networks like Facebook. It is a very real concern and one that unattended can be disastrous. The pressure is on for social networks and regulatory bodies to tighten their norms and put more policies in place. It is a necessity of the times. So, be ready for more regulations and restrictions on all platforms. It’s coming.

The world of B2B marketing is constantly changing. We are here to help you keep your on the future, in the know and ahead of the curve.

By: Ellen Smith, Business and Marketing Coach
SHO Agency – November 2019