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Experiential Marketing is based on the full experience a consumer has with your product or service.

While traditional marketing sells through an emphasis on benefits and features, experimental marketing focuses on enabling consumers to test the service or product themselves. It has a great impact on your sales, and it is known to be one of the best ways to create lasting emotional relationships.

In the online shopping era, experiential marketing is a key asset for retail stores.

Also known as engagement or interactive marketing, experiential marketing is a strategy in which brands provide unique experiences to their customers and target groups. Whether you run B2C or B2B marketing, your marketing doesn’t have to be boring. Smart marketing specialists go beyond traditional advertising, focusing on scalable, measurable brand promotions.  We create brand experiences with the aim of building new and strengthening existing relationships.

Building emotional relationships with your consumers based on experience is the best way to build customer loyalty for your brand.  Today, for example,  the pop – up shop is an industry worth 50 billion dollars, which creates new partnerships through experimental marketing opportunities, while adding unique tools for digital and retail brands to attract customers.

Retailers wishing to take advantage of changing preferences can use experimental marketing to involve consumers, establish contacts and stimulate sales. Rather than traditional marketing, which puts consumers into the role of viewers, experimental marketing uses practical activities to create personal interactions.

Recent studies show that 74 percent of consumers say that they were more likely to buy products or services from a company after an experienced marketing event. In addition to being a growing and welcoming marketing method, experimental campaigns are very fun! Experimental marketing campaigns are fun for businesses that host them, and fun for consumers who participate in them.

XM, EM marketing is a promotional strategy that aims to deepen the involvement of a product by immersing customers in an interactive and unforgettable experience.  When you use experience in advertising, social and public relations, you can tell a truly powerful story and establish a strong relationship with your customers.

Brands are putting more of their marketing budget into practice, but with such a loud digital space, it’s important to do something to keep people moving.  Experiential offers a unique opportunity for brands to establish authentic relationships with consumers, thereby creating brand awareness.

Thanks to experimental marketing, you have a captive audience waiting for your brand message to be absorbed through a series of tactile experiences. Because experimental marketing allows you to interact with consumers at a live event, it is quite easy to follow various key analyses.

To differentiate yourself and gain the desired place in the hearts and minds of consumers, we create lasting and viral impressions through effective marketing activations for your brand.

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