Digital Advertising & Brand Promotion

Desktop, Mobile, Search, Email, Video

60% more effective than traditional advertising! Unlimited targeting with guaranteed Impressions & CTR.

Reach your exact target market anywhere and everywhere that customers are consuming digital content!

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Digital Advertising Options

Digital Display Ads Starting at $650

Content, Behaviour, Demographic, Search, Retargeting, Cross Device, Geo

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Digital Display Ads Starting at $1400

Content, Behaviour, Demographic, Search, Retargeting, Cross Device, Geo

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YouTube Ads
$1 Per View!

Video ads based on content category & geography, all inventory on YouTube.

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Cannabis Ads
Starting at $700

Target a location + adults over 21, on publisher sites approved for this content.

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Micro-Proximity Ads
Starting at $700

Target specific users within a specific geo-frame in real time or based on the past

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Online Radio Ads
Starting at $1850

Streaming Radio campaigns placed on inventory such as Spotify, Triton, Adswiz, and more!

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Connected TV Ads
Starting at $2400

Video campaign targeted to Connected TV devices like Hulu via Streaming video

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IP Targeted Ads

Target a list of IP's that were matched from physical addresses (5000 Minimum)

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Device ID ads

Target specific devices by residential addresses or zip codes (Must be provided).

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About Our Digital Advertising Platform

When we say, “We can reach your exact target market anywhere and everywhere customers are consuming digital content,” we mean it!

Serve ads to specific customers based on purchasing habits, behaviours, at a specific location on a specific date range.


Where do your ads appear?

Based on the targeting options that you select, we always deliver your ads to the most reputable sites on the web. We have filtered the top 5000 sites online to make sure that your ads are visible to the right audience. To see the full list of categories and websites, click here.

Why Advertise with SHO?

Extensive Reach

Reach over 250 million users & over 18 million businesses.


Isolate your target audience on a granular level.

Data Rich

Over 14,000 consumer and business variables.

Any Device

All devices (i.e., computers, tablets, smart phones).

Cannabis Advertising

Home & Retail Opportunities

Digital Advertising Categories

Digital Display

An effective way to promote brand awareness, these visual based advertisements appear on websites, apps or social media in the form of banners ads. Coupled with programmatic targeting they can be an effective way to deliver your message to a precise audience.


Virtual Geographic Perimeter. Advanced spatiotemporal mapping allows for targeting potential customers within a defined geographic area. Geo-fencing constructs a virtual boundary which allows advertisers to send mobile advertising to anyone entering the area in real time or within the last year.

Video Advertising

Promotional Video Messages. Find your audience in the new television landscape of streaming video. We offer Pre-roll, Facebook Video, Connected TV, Full Episode Players and YouTube.

Native Advertising

Native ads are not easily recognizable as an ad. They adopt the look and feel of a website’s content inviting the viewer to engage them.

IP Targeting

Internet Advertising to Specific Households. Our IP Targeting solution allows you to target your desired audience down to their individual address.*US ONLY

Social Media

Advertising with Social Platforms. Ads on Facebook or Instagram maximize reach across both platforms, includes the option of YouTube videos.

Email Marketing

Effective Email Marketing. Our database has more than140 million consumer and business emails allowing you to reach a customer’s inbox. *US Only.

Search Marketing

Search Engine Marketing & Pay Per Click is a way to drive leads at the bottom of the funnel conversions. Be sure to be in front of your customers when they are actively searching for your products. As a Google Premier Partner, we pride ourselves in running campaigns adhering to Google’s Best Practices

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