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Craft Cannabis at its Finest.

Fine Kind is a private membership club that delivers the highest grade craft cannabis products to our community.


You are more than just a consumer of cannabis in what is quickly becoming a mass marketplace. The culture of cannabis is something we know you care deeply about and we share that feeling with you. From sustainable growers, artisans, holistic practitioners, and entrepreneurs, this network of people have been brought together to bring you the finest in craft cannabis. When you become a member at Fine Kind you become part of a community of like-minded people from all walks of life, joined by their love of cannabis and its powers to heal and uplift. Become a member and discover the finest cannabis brought to you by the people committed to the spirit, culture, and growth of this industry.


Customer Service

Your cannabis experience should be seamless from start to finish. Any question or concern you may have is ready to be answered by our friendly customer service staff. Your honesty and feedback will help our community continue to thrive.

Quality Products

You should never settle for less that the highest quality cannabis, and that is what you will find at Fine Kind. Our network of sustainable growers bring you the finest craft cannabis from exotic flowers that are grown organically and solvent free.

Safe & Secure

You should feel confident in every cannabis purchase you make. The safety and security of you and your delivery is important to us. Rest assured knowing your payments are secure and your orders will be delivered to you quickly and safely.



With a network of sustainable growers and producers, we are committed to bringing you the finest craft cannabis products. You will have a seamless cannabis experience, from your first purchase to your first taste. You will not only be a valued customer, but a member of a community that connects you to quality cannabis, artisanal creations, and education, all in the service of a greater social good made possible by the culture of cannabis.


When you become part of the Fine Kind community, you are supporting a network of sustainable growers, artisans, holistic practitioners, and entrepreneurs. Like you, we share a relationship with cannabis and a desire to change the way it’s viewed by society. By creating a community around this growing industry, you will be a part of transforming cannabis culture for the better.

Social Club

To realize our vision of a transformed cannabis culture, Fine Kind plans to launch a social club where you and members of the community can come together in Toronto. This club will be a safe, clean, and welcoming space to access and consume the highest quality cannabis based products and connect with people who share your love of cannabis. There will be food, drinks, entertainment, and only the finest cannabis for you to enjoy among friends.


With Fine Kind, you will discover the finest in craft cannabis that is always sun grown, soil grown, organic, non-GMO, and solvent free.

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