Blending Reality and Adventure: The Design Story of an Innovative AR App
Product Design, UX/UI, Design System

We collaborated with Exar Studios on their innovative project, Engage, the first augmented reality app designed to uncover hidden adventures in cities worldwide. Our responsibility was to design the mobile application from the initial wireframes to the final production, partnering with Exar Studios based in London, Ontario, to create immersive AR experiences celebrating arts and culture.

One of our primary challenges was to create design solutions that catered to various mobile platforms while establishing a consistent brand and creative design. We worked closely with project managers, using tools such as mock-ups and lookbooks to convey our ideas and collected feedback to fine-tune our approach according to their criteria.

We also played a crucial role in creating a custom, multi-purpose design system for both the product and marketing. This required the construction of a unified visual language that could be utilized across multiple applications, ensuring that the design system was intuitive and user-friendly. Our design system aimed to provide users with a gamified adventure wonderland, allowing them to see businesses and local stories in a new light, thereby increasing engagement and audience retention.

The outcome was an engaging and immersive platform that offered users a new perspective on their cities. The app's AR experiences transformed neighborhoods into vibrant, interactive landscapes and provided audio tours highlighting local stories and culture. This AR platform made the cities come alive and provided valuable insights into user movement and preferences, aiding local businesses and tourism.

Working on Engage allowed us to stand at the forefront of AR development, creating a tool emphasizing user engagement, immersion, and innovation. We are proud to have contributed to a project that showcases the future of advertisement and audience engagement, generating superior outcomes for our clients.