Vori Health

Transforming Healthcare: Visuals, App, and Web Design
Visual, UI & Product Design

We partnered with Vori Health, a new player in the US health tech startup industry, to design their app and website in preparation for their upcoming launch. Vori Health aims to transform back, neck, and orthopedic care by providing virtual access to a team of specialized medical professionals, including doctors, physical therapists, health coaches, and nutritionists. This approach is intended to simplify recovery and eliminate the need for patients to see different specialists.

Our mission was to create a platform enabling users to understand and improve their health. We conducted extensive research on Vori Health's target audience and their objectives, which guided our design concepts.

Visual design was a crucial aspect of the project. We developed various ideas to illustrate pain and discomfort, including using color to highlight specific areas of the body where pain occurs. The challenge was to convey pain effectively without causing additional stress or discomfort to users.

The final design incorporated several visual elements to guide users through the app, including gamification to keep users engaged and informed about their progress. We also created a simple and intuitive signup process to capture all the necessary information for a personalized experience.

Vori Health offers various services, from diagnosis and treatment plans to non-opioid pain prescriptions, virtual physical therapy, medical imaging, pre and post-surgery support, second opinions, and lifestyle coaching. Our design had to accommodate all these services, ensuring seamless user journeys through each pathway.

Vori's platform allows users to save time and heal from anywhere, bringing expert medical care directly to them. The design has significantly increased engagement and positive user feedback on the app's functionality and design.

Vori Health is the only nationwide MSK medical practice with doctor-led care teams committed to delivering better outcomes. We're proud to have played a part in Vori Health's commitment to accessible care, accepting most major insurances, Medicare/Medicaid plans, and employer-covered plans, ensuring excellent care regardless of network status. Together, we've transformed the journey to recovery into a convenient, engaging, and personalized experience.